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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Siam Paragon Siege

For those who are in Thailand, especially Bangkok, including myself..you would be either deaf&dumb or been living in a cave in order to not know what's going on today...
That's right, the protest against Thaksin at Siam Paragon today.

I just happened to be there becoz it's on my way home, skytrain connection at Siam Station..well, since it's already on the news that this idiotic against Thaksin rally will be held at the newest gigantic mall in bkk, Siam Paragon. The mall had decided to close itself.

One thing though, I'm on neither side of this whole thing, I'm not a Thaksin supporter...I even use to think that he's a very corrupted square-faced politician..but guess what..after all these Sonthi nonsense...it starts to make me hate the anti-Thaksin people..

I got off the skytrain at Siam today at around 4.30pm, all I heard was the same shit after another.."Thaksin, GET OUT!!" and some other irrational, ignorance shit from them.
Sonthi and all his stupid shallow brain-dead suppoters are just fucking this country up..it's like a cult now and Sonthi is enjoying being a cult leader.

In the beginning, Sonthi supporters were like educated, middle-class bangkokians..but now?? after all his stupid, out of control behavior? The only people that are still supporting Sonthi are either uneducated, up-country(apart from the ones that Thaksin already bought), or simply shallow. These anti-Thaksin people claim themselves that they are sacrificing, it's for the country's sake and blah blah blah..but look at what they are doing, blocking the damn major road like this?? The other day was The Emporium on Sukhumvit and now Paragon??

Because of them, it took some people who still have to make a living in an office, not at the rally, 2 hours longer to get to work, why? becoz this protest is blocking the road!! These people are holding back the country's economy..all they want is to get rid of Thaksin but they never come up with the solution that who would be next...Sonthi?? I don't think so..

No..I'm not supporting Thaksin and I ain't gonna vote for his ass this Sunday...but..
YES I fucking hate Sonthi and all these idiots who are still protesting by saying only "Thaksin Get Out"..I hate you idiots for being so selfish by never stop protesting and causing civil problems. You guys are just walking scummy brainless parasites infesting this country.
They have no idea that what they are doing right now is making people who were against Thaksin before turn against them instead....

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Another Shopping Paradise in Silom!

Haha ok that's an exaggeration...it's not a paradise, just a new shopping place i found a while ago. This place is basically full of cheap stuffs and quality is not so different from Siam Square or Pratunum (not everything, of coz..)
You are probably wondering where the hell is this, well, it's in Silom area; Soi Saladang 1. I don't know what is it officially called but it's by Anna's Cafe, so some ppl just call it "Anna".
They have a ghetto-style food court, usually FULL of office ppl around noon to 1pm. The fascinating about it is the GREAT GREAT GREAT FOOD!!!!!!!! Not expensive, full of variety and very very delicious.

I know it's a bad photo of the place, so what, i suck at taking photos, ok?

Let's talk about food, I was so fascinated with the food there. Yes, they are all Thai food only one though that's called Pasta Lovers. Apart from their pasta menu, they have some spaghetti dish combined with thai stuff...interesting (never tried yet, though). Oh btw, the owner is a foreigner who can speak REALLY good Thai.

This is some ghetto ass food court. Took it with a cellphone camera so it's not so clear :(

It's been a week since my friends and I have discovered the food court and the market next to it. Though, I haven't tried all the food their yet becoz some dishes were so great that I couldn't help getting it again and again, hehe.

But that's ok, I already promised to myself that by the end of my internship at the hospital there(April 7th), I will go though all the food!!

Ok here are some of my favorite dishes...

#1 so far is Suki Hang (Stir fry veggie type of dish), dry suki, sukiyaki without soup, or whatever u r gonna call it. I ain't no chef or restaurant owner, dont know how it's supposed to be call in English!

Ok, next dish is from the Pasta Lovers called Spaghetti Beef Stew with a little salad on the side....Aroi Mak!!

Btw, please don't mind the crappy utensils that come with:P

Another favorite dish of mine; Miang Guay Tiew (Miang Noodle?), anyway it's kinda like veggie dish..make u feel healthy when u eat it and, of coz, delicious, too :)

Enough of the food section for now, let's see the shopping part..
One thing though, this market is full of stuff but they are not exactly the same each day during weekdays. Some shop will come only monday or some will appear only friday and what not..I'm still new there, so I haven't figured them all out yet.
Here are what we've got there the other day :)

My new bikini:) So many selections there, it was a tough decision..i got this one for 230 Baht and the quality is better than you think!
Yes, I'm a cheap ghetto ass girl, any probs?

The halter-top/tank-top shop that can be found only on Monday. 2 for 100 Baht, I think it's a pretty good deal but Kate, my friend, said that it's 3 for 100 at Pratunum, what the hell, I ain't got time for shopping at Pratunum anyway.

Last item for today (Look, I know it ain't much but we've got like only 1 hour for eating and shopping, what do u expect?) My friend, Kate, bought this pair of shoes from a probably Burmese refugee salesgirl or something like that, she couldn't speak Thai that well so it was kinda confusing when we did the bargain :P

I think she bought them for 350 or 320 Baht something like that..pretty, eh?

Some shoe modeling stuff...not my feet, btw..

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The 50Cent lives in Bangkok AFTERMATH

Although the concert took place like ages ago(Feb 26th) at Aktiv Square, Muang Thong Thani, there's still something for me to think about, not to mention the more obsessed i get with 50cent&G-unit music and the worries about my grades becoz i had the most important final exams the day after the concert.

It is quite a surprise actually. Ok, the thing is that i got to be at the front row at the concert(which i should be since i got my ass there since 3pm!) and the girl who was standing next to me is like..a half farang girl, quite pretty, i just thought she's some kind of international school girl, that's all.
Then, since we were at the front row, some photographer and camera man took our photos and stuff, though, i think they wanted to take HER photos becoz she's very pretty(in a half thai-farang way i think) but my friend and I ended up being in the camera, which was totally fine by us, hehe.

But the interesting part is that she was so photogenic and really knew how to pose in front of camera and such, also very smiley and friendly which was not how she was in person. She seemed kinda stuck-up actually. It was either I looked at her too much (coz she's pretty) or it's just a hot, tiresome day.
Oh also, my friend who went with me was mentioning something like that girl looked very familiar somehow, like a celeb or model or some shit..but we couldn't think of anything yet.

Then 2 weeks later, i got a chance to talk to that friend of mine over the phone and it turned out that that girl is the current Miss Thailand's World for the year 2005!
It was really a surprise, why??
1. she was soooooooo small, a lot shorter than me and look too young to be one
2. the ppl who were with her then were like this chinese-looking-from-a-thai-international-shool thai boy and a seem-like-hi-so girl. So..it just seemed like she's nobody. err, is this reason relavent?

oh btw, she's not miss thailand's world originally, though, she was actually the 1st runner-up but the original one resigned for some reasons(sorry i dont catch up with thai entertainment news that much), so here she is ...Cindy, Sirinya Jansen, the current Miss Thailand's World.
P.S. She didn't look as good when she was in the pageant as in person.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

blogging or bitching?

As for the first time blogging in my entire life, it's probably more like bitching about things that i've come across, since bitching is becoming a part of my personality now. Though, I'm not sure that either i'm a bitch myself or the environment has turned me into one.

Ok, enough babbling. The thing is that my part-time job is involved in something like customer service and translation kinda thing so basically I have to deal with ppl on the phone WHICH I don't mind. But what irritates me is dealing with IDIOTS on the phone, if it's just normal enough educated person, it would be just fine.

The legendary irritating ones I ususally get is a Thai person calling in with absolutely no fucking reason at all. My job is translating Thai t0 English and vice versa, also, helping Thai customers find meanings of words and such. Sounds easy, right? but if u've never dealed with Thai ppl before, OMG, u wouldn't imagine how fucked up their minds can be....like this one..for example..

Bitchy me: *Greeting* Would you like to use the translation service? (sth like that)
Them: "YES"
ME: "you are with a foreigner or would you like me to translate a word/text for you?"
Them: "YES"
ME: .........................(wtf?) Is there anything I can do for you then?
Them: "errr, yes"
it's like all the fucking thing they say is yes yes yes and yes and that's in Thai btw, not in any foreign language at all.

oh and sometimes they were just like..silent all through the conversation..then when i started to end the conversation and hang up, they would just go "hello?"
I know, to some ppl, it sounds nothing, but it is so annoying if u have to come across these idiots everytime. And maybe partly it is because i am irritated easily, too.But to look at it as a whole though, it just shows that there r still a huge amount of Thai ppl who can't even communicate with fellow Thai or to accomplish a simple task like talking on the phone!
I wonder if it happens in every underdeveloped(or developing to be more patronizing) country or just Thailand.