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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Just a Boring Night Out..in Bangkok..

Last Thursday night, Pue, a good friend of mine got depressed from her dental school so we decided to go out somewhere in Bkk..

Myself and Pue..not quite ready to party..we are just chillin' tonight ;)

Pue, one of my best pals, a 5th year dental student..

Now the question is..where??

Well, let's see, Bed Supper Club on a Thursday night?? Hmm..I prefer Bed on Wed or Sat nights only.

RCA? Too old for that and so not in the mood...
Khaosarn Road?? Sounds kinda ok, but I feel like there are more criminals disguise in hippies cloth hanging around the area these days...and I was too lazy to deal with that at the moment.

We kinda wanted a chilling night..maybe somewhere to eat first then go drinking later, hmmmm...any idea??

Wellll, after changing the mind back and forth in a taxi, we decided to go to Silom instead!

To me, Silom is still a good place to hang around, there's a night market along the footpath (yes, quite difficult to walk and you'll get annoyed sometimes), gay bars on Soi 2, and some more gay and non-gay bars on soi 4, and if you walk further..you will get to Patpong that might have some bars that aren't agogo style..though..quite rare, haha.

We got there around 11pm. At first we wanna go to Irish Xchange Pub on Soi Convent but we didn't wanna risk going there and found out that it's closed or something. Then we saw O'Reilly's Irish Pub which is on the way to Silom Soi 4, it has live band and stuff..I've never actually been in there yet..so we went in, though unfortunately, the kitchen was closed..they only had drinks at that time....oh well..I guess not today then!

So..we ended up at our good old gay place, Telephone Pub! It's on Silom soi 4, even though it's a gay place...it is like..the most gay place on Soi 4! If you don't believe me, you can either check it out yourself or have a look at the link.

Although this place is run by gay people for gay people and everything about it is gay..but, honestly, you have no problem being around gay people, you'll love it!!

Ring Ring~~

The staff here are soo lovely..very attentive, friendly, and nice! This place is very very cute and creative. Every table on first and second floors has telephone and number attached to it. So if you are interested in someone at the other table..you can give him a call! Why can't heterosexual pub have this kinda thing!! Oh and there's karaoke on the third floor also!! What a cool place!

That's why this place is called Telephone PUB!

Most of all, the food is great!! Telephone Pub offers both Thai food and western food. I've never tried western food there, yet..but the Thai food there is AWESOME!
That night we had rice with Yum-woon-sen (spicy seafood and glass noodle salad , Beef Panang curry, and Larb Moo (spicy minced pork salad.)

Yum-woon-sen, Beef Panang Curry, and Larb Moo!YUM!!

After loading ourselves up with food and calories, we wanna burn it out! Let's find somewhere to sit down and drink..then chill and dance for a bit..

At first we were gonna go to Tapaz, but it was like graveyard that night. Tapaz is usually good on weekends though, it's kinda like a cheap chill version of Bed...music is a bit softer and drinks are cheaper, hehe.
Silom Soi 4

Then there's Luminous, it's actually opposite to Tapaz, Luminous is a hip-hop place..it's not too bad if you just like hip-hop only. Don't get me wrong, I love hip-hop, it's my favorite kind of music but the way they made the floor at Luminous..I prefer wearing tennis shoes to go dance there..so no, not Luminous tonight.

What about Funky Dojo? It's a pretty good techno place in Patpong that doesn't have pole and agogo girls! So we went there and found out that it's dead also but the place next to it was like..the opposite! First time we walked past it, it was so promising that it could be fun. I still remember the music they were playing when we got there was 'Like This' by MIMS, so we decided to try it there. This place is playing hip-hop music (sorry for not remembering the name..but it's right next to Funky Dojo, if you are interested you can go find it.)

Well, the drinks here are cheap... too cheap. I mean it's 140 Baht for a vodka tonic but all I could taste was tonic water. They are really taking a piss here, I remember paying similar price at Tapaz for the same shit and it tasted better. They think ppl will be too drunk to notice? I don't think so. But then again, maybe it's catered to those who drink beer. Sometimes I envy those who like beer, because you can go anywhere and will not be disappointed with the your beer, right? Too bad..I really can't drink beer, I did try.

The worse part is that the music just got worse and worse. At first it seemed like it could be some fun hip-hop....but later on, I guess, the dj ran out of the hip-hop mixed cds they bought from Pantip Plaza..and had to play some old crap..like..7 years ago hip-hop mixed with some other silly dance shit which is actually quite common in Thai club scenes, actually, let me warn you.

But all was ok..we didn't expect a great night out anyway, after trying to put up with Patpong for awhile, I couldn't stand it anymore. So we left Patpong..and we found so many taxis trying to take you to after party place like Boss, Spicy, Lucky..yes..all those corny names.

Let me share this with you, these taxis get paid 100 Baht each person if they can take he/she to those after party places. For example, if he could take me and my friend to Boss, and we paid 300 Baht entry fee at the bar, taxi driver will get 200 Baht. But if we actually open a bottle of whisky, taxi will get 500 Baht. So it would be a super rip off if the taxi charge you a flat rate to go to these places, do not pay them, ok???

So we actually went to one of those places afterward. We picked Boss, because we 've been to Lucky and Spicy already. And we didn't even pay for the taxi meter fare, why? Because taxi would get 200 Baht from taking us to Boss anyway..so we made a deal that we'd pay the taxi driver only 20 Baht, haha!

Typical Bangkok night life scene which you may see in guide books..I'm sure..and it's usually in English or German isn't it?

By the way, in case you don't know much about these after party places. These places are full of whores or girls who are there to pick up guys. It's not such a pretty scenes, it kinda represents the bad reputation of Bangkok, actually. You look inside, you see girls wearing tiny shorts and tiny little top dancing repetitively with the same lame move on the stage with the big poles, you look around your table, you'll see white guys with some ugly whores or farang hunters, etc.
However, I have to admit that ...watching girls sexy dance on the stage could be fun also! oh.. I hope I'm not a lesbian!

Don't get me wrong though, I wasn't there to pick up guys. I don't need to compete with hookers to make me feel better. It's just that my friends and I go to these place sometimes because we basically run out of place to go..and still too lazy to go home, hahaha.

We just look like a lesbian couple, don't we??!

There goes my boring Thursday night, I hope I won't get in any trouble for exposing the after party club scenes...(the staff were looking at me suspiciously when I was taking the photos, hehe)


At 12:25 AM, Blogger Brunty said...

I stumbled upon your blog a week ago and have been having a great time reading all your old posts.

You are a well travelled girl. Great writing and fantastic pictures.

I still have a few months of posts to go and catch up on all your antics.

Really great stuff.

Oh, by the way. What time did you get home?

At 7:10 AM, Blogger devilish_angel said...

Thank you for your comment ;)
I got home around 3-4am, getting too old to stay up till dawn these days.

At 5:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

~Sawatdee krup Gwang~

Great pictures and story as usual! I hope your friend Pue was cheered up after your night out on the town. By 4:00 AM it looks like she had at least forgotten about her dental school blues:)

Are you planning on doing anything for Halloween?

Best wishes!

At 7:34 PM, Anonymous Norhisham Othman said...

Bangkok is not only noted for it's nite life. There are other hidden gems for tourists. I don't go to the Silom area everytime I am in Bangkok as that area especially PatPong, Soi 2 and 4 are just too sleazy and the vendors downright rude.Just not my cup of tea. Sukhumvit seems a better choice althought Nana Entertainment Plaza and Soi Cowboy appeals to those who wants to meet that type of night life offerings. Still, nice blog and good pictures.


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