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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Final Internship..Free at last!!

Finally, my school life is almost over...almost. Well, at least I'm done with my last internship and no more school or class or anything!!

With Aung & NaN
Actually, with this last internship, time went by sooooooo fast! I guess because there were so many friends there, so it's not as boring as the other ones I had. The other two internships that I had, they were both hospitals, but this one was different. I was lucky to finally have a chance to go there. It's called "Tong Hua Hung Osoth" (Osoth means drugs in Thai.)

With friends from Silpakorn University, except the guy on the left, Rangsit University

Why "lucky"? Because many pharmacy students who go to universities in Thailand wanna come here! This pharmacy is very popular in terms of internship. Despite the fact that there's lecture every evening on weekdays from P'Heng (the pharmacist/owner), you can get the real practical experience from patients who come to the pharmacy, get to meet new friends from other universities, and GREAT FOOD!!

Let's talk about food, one unique and famous thing about this place is the food. P'Heng's sister in law, P'Neung, is such a great cook! Since all the students here had to work in shifts, the ones who were on the shift that day would get to have dinner there. And the dinners were sooo deliciously fantastic and more than enough!!! You could actually request what you wanna eat, if she knew how to do it, she'd cook for you!

This is the example of one day's meal....

Yum Kai Dao (Spicy fried eggs salad)
Pla Neung See-ew (steamed fish with soy sauce)
Stir-Fried Mixed Veggies
Stir-Fried Mushrooms (Vegetarian dish for P'Heng)
So yeah, we did gain some kilos when we were there, heheh.. Life wasn't so good..no work out and too much food *grin*

Tar & Yu from Silpakorn University

Enough with food, the reason I like this internship so much is that I finally learned how to be a real pharmacist. Honestly, I'm not a good student, so without practical experience from the pharmacy, I wouldn't know how to dispense the drugs to patients appropriately. (Btw, healthcare system in Thailand is still different from the US, pharmacists do have to diagnose sometimes and decide which medicine to use..and many drugs here you still don't need doctor's prescription.)
Oh from Rangsit University & Yu from Silpakorn
So yeah, it's been the best internship I ever had, fun learning, fully eating, and knowledge gaining...
If you have any health problems..as long as it's not so severe like cancer or some complicated shit, I'm ready to help you now ;)
...Big thanks to..P'Heng....the funny teacher and the great mentor!

P'Heng and the Apprentice :P