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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Another Shopping Paradise in Silom!

Haha ok that's an exaggeration...it's not a paradise, just a new shopping place i found a while ago. This place is basically full of cheap stuffs and quality is not so different from Siam Square or Pratunum (not everything, of coz..)
You are probably wondering where the hell is this, well, it's in Silom area; Soi Saladang 1. I don't know what is it officially called but it's by Anna's Cafe, so some ppl just call it "Anna".
They have a ghetto-style food court, usually FULL of office ppl around noon to 1pm. The fascinating about it is the GREAT GREAT GREAT FOOD!!!!!!!! Not expensive, full of variety and very very delicious.

I know it's a bad photo of the place, so what, i suck at taking photos, ok?

Let's talk about food, I was so fascinated with the food there. Yes, they are all Thai food only one though that's called Pasta Lovers. Apart from their pasta menu, they have some spaghetti dish combined with thai stuff...interesting (never tried yet, though). Oh btw, the owner is a foreigner who can speak REALLY good Thai.

This is some ghetto ass food court. Took it with a cellphone camera so it's not so clear :(

It's been a week since my friends and I have discovered the food court and the market next to it. Though, I haven't tried all the food their yet becoz some dishes were so great that I couldn't help getting it again and again, hehe.

But that's ok, I already promised to myself that by the end of my internship at the hospital there(April 7th), I will go though all the food!!

Ok here are some of my favorite dishes...

#1 so far is Suki Hang (Stir fry veggie type of dish), dry suki, sukiyaki without soup, or whatever u r gonna call it. I ain't no chef or restaurant owner, dont know how it's supposed to be call in English!

Ok, next dish is from the Pasta Lovers called Spaghetti Beef Stew with a little salad on the side....Aroi Mak!!

Btw, please don't mind the crappy utensils that come with:P

Another favorite dish of mine; Miang Guay Tiew (Miang Noodle?), anyway it's kinda like veggie dish..make u feel healthy when u eat it and, of coz, delicious, too :)

Enough of the food section for now, let's see the shopping part..
One thing though, this market is full of stuff but they are not exactly the same each day during weekdays. Some shop will come only monday or some will appear only friday and what not..I'm still new there, so I haven't figured them all out yet.
Here are what we've got there the other day :)

My new bikini:) So many selections there, it was a tough decision..i got this one for 230 Baht and the quality is better than you think!
Yes, I'm a cheap ghetto ass girl, any probs?

The halter-top/tank-top shop that can be found only on Monday. 2 for 100 Baht, I think it's a pretty good deal but Kate, my friend, said that it's 3 for 100 at Pratunum, what the hell, I ain't got time for shopping at Pratunum anyway.

Last item for today (Look, I know it ain't much but we've got like only 1 hour for eating and shopping, what do u expect?) My friend, Kate, bought this pair of shoes from a probably Burmese refugee salesgirl or something like that, she couldn't speak Thai that well so it was kinda confusing when we did the bargain :P

I think she bought them for 350 or 320 Baht something like that..pretty, eh?

Some shoe modeling stuff...not my feet, btw..


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