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Friday, October 26, 2007

Let's sing at the Cage!! Another thing to do in Narita.

If you get stuck in a town called Narita in Japan-that's the town where international airport is, here are some places you can go.

Daytime: You can do some sightseeing stuff by go see Naritasan temple which is already in my blog, here. Or you can go do some shopping at Aeon Shopping Mall. Usually if you stay in a hotel in Narita, it is very likely that they'll have shuttle bus provided. If not, you can check it out here.

Nighttime: There are a few bars you can go in Narita downtown. Please be reminded that Narita is not like other Japanese towns, this town is full of foreigners and crew members ;)

There are basically 2 well known places that people tend to go a lot, which are the Barge Inn-Brit Pub that has djs and live stuff on weekends, and Jet Lag Club, another bar that will be full of crew members. Well, the name of the place already says so, doesn't it?

My friend, Dao, at the Jet Lag Club

Now this is one of the things I usually do when I go to Narita, Japan...KARAOKE!!! Yes, we do love singing, don't we???!!

I only go to karaoke bar when I'm with my friends, though. My singing is not that good to be showing off alone without backup or claque, hehe.

The Cage, is next to Mercure Hotel which is very close to Keisei Train Station. If you stand at the train station with you back to it. Just go straight pass the bus stop and turn left. You'll see the small blue sign says, 'The Cage'.

It's a small karaoke place opens from 6pm (or 7 to be sure) to 3am. I heard that before it was kinda dead but now it usually gets crowded around 11 because crew members will start to come.

Usually people in there are somewhat associated with airlines. There are some locals also every now and then. The place itself is run by a Japanese guy and his wife, and the staff are the hot Filipino girls, and they all sing so damn well!

With P'Ott and Pui

Oh by the way, the cage has 'one drink minimum policy'. All you have to do is just order at least one drink and you can stay there. If you don't, they'll ask you to leave. I think it's pretty fair. The drinks aren't that expensive anyway. They are mostly around 400-700 yen with some free chips. I don't have a problem with their policy..'cause I usually get thirsty anyway, haha.

Cheers with Dao, Sa, and Yun! Kampai!

And one more thing I'd like to add, this karaoke bar is not like local Japanese one with lots of Japanese music. I wouldn't go there if it doesn't have tons of English songs! So if you expect to sing some Japanese or Chinese stuff, this is not the place for you :P

Dao and Pui

If you dig old songs, you'll love it there. But not all the songs there are old, though, whenever I go there and stay pretty late, there'll eventually be someone singing 'Delilah' or 'Summer Nights'. It really depends on the ppl there, if it's a big group of old crew members, then you'll get some classic vibe. If it's a group of some hot young flight attendants, you'll get a different vibe, hehe.

My friend, Beau, she loves singing Whitney's songs and pretty good at it. She refused to go on the stage though.

I'm never good at singing..but I will keep doing it!

Even though the Cage doesn't have like..the latest song on the current Billboard chart, but the songs selection there is still very good. I mean, it has everything including hip-hop. You can sing Irreplaceable by Beyonce or some 50cent stuff if you like (which I did). Believe me, it has all sorts of music for you.

My friend, Saza, singing the night away :)

With my best karaoke buddy, Yun. She's the best at singing!!!

This Japanese guy is the owner of the cage! He's there every night:)

A karaoke clip from Saza!

So if you have some time to spend in Narita, and if you don't mind the crowd and the noise, you should try the Cage, my favorite karaoke place ever. Even the ones in Thailand can't beat that! (maybe because I like English music, hehe.)


At 4:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

~Sawatdee krup Gwang~

Thanks for the info on what to do in Narita! I was only in the airport when I changed planes going to and from Bangkok. I really liked the cute Japanese stewardesses on my flight, so now I'm glad to know which bar the flight crews hang out at in case I ever have to spend time in Narita!

You're not such a bad singer. How do you say "queen of karaoke" in Thai?:)

At 10:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, just was the cage last night (Jan 15th 08) and we had a great time! Yes we are an Airline Crew!!! Great Place!!!

At 1:59 AM, Blogger devilish_angel said...

wonder what airline you worked for...and if it wasn't your first time there, maybe we've met before ;)

At 10:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for the great info about Narita! I fly through Narita all the time and am always looking for something to do during long layovers. Anyway if you want some more "low key" suggestions then take a look at the site Where to Stay and What do Do in Narita I used that site the first time I visited and the suggestions were great.
One other point for anyone who found this page looking for info about what to do in Narita or even Japan in general...Avoid the taxis. They are horribly expensive in Japan. I had a nine minute taxi ride and it cost me twenty-one bucks!


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