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Friday, June 06, 2008

A Bright Hot Sunny Day in Napa!

Wow....it's been 3 months since I last updated my post!! I would probably forget how to log in if I hadn't saved the password on my computer? heheh.

I guess I have been VERY VERY busy for the past 3 months...with..hmm...stuff, hehe :)

Recently, I just got a chance to visit San Francisco (again!) for a few days, quite unexpected actually. Since last time I already did the major tourist stuff; Golden Gate, Alcatraz, and such...so this time it should be something different! Napa Valley!!!

Sunrise from San Francisco horizon...taken from inside the plane...

The drive from SFO city to Napa wasn't too bad or taking too long, if you don't end up stopping by at the stores, or getting lost like we did, hahaha.

Heading to Napa Valley via Bay Bridge :)

After stopping by at Target to get some snacks, sunglasses, and stuff...we finally made it to Napa!
The vineyards are so neat and green..very pretty to look at! I just somehow felt so peaceful by looking at it!!

Luna Vineyard, the first stop!

Me in front of the vineyard, unfortunately, some ppl thought I was in a corn field..BLAH!!!!

Ok, let me be clear first...I'm not a wine expert or anything. I just drink it occasionally. So I don't know much about which wine is good or whatever. It's just a matter of...do I like the way it taste or not! hehe. So, since I'm not a wine snob..any white wine with fruity or sweet taste would do!!

Me with a Pinot Grigio...I am diggin' it!

I'm not usually nature crazy person...but somehow...I just love the 'greenness' of it!

Me and a glass of Merlot, I think! Not typically a fan of Red, but this one is pretty good!!

Nothing special about this photo, I just like the way it look :P

Too bad the wine tasting generally ends at 4-5pm, so if you don't start early...you might not get to cover many vineyards..and there are SOOOO MANY!! But then again, I don't know if it's a good idea to try to cover as many as possible anyway, I mean..my tongue will probably get tired from tasting the wine..and would probably get confused with the taste, hehe.

Saw a premium outlets sign on the way back!! Gotta check it out!!

Heading back to the city now :)

Sunset from, once again, San Francisco horizon :)


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