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Monday, May 14, 2007

One Night in Taipei...

I've been busy and lazy for awhile...whewww.. Here is the quick update of my blog :P

Recently, I just had the chance to go to Taipei, Taiwan with my friend on a business of some sort. Anyway, we spend one night there , yes just one night..but there were still some things to do!!

A Hotel hallway...why am I taking this pic?? I don't know...

After getting settled at the hotel, we took a taxi from the hotel to the night market. It was 120 Taiwan Dollars to get there (and starting fare is 80 already!) So the night market was quite close, hehe. (By the way, 1 Taiwan Dollar equals 1.1 Thai Baht.)

The Night Market Scene...

Well, the night market here is not the biggest one, but it's the closest one! As for the shopping part, it's not too bad. The price is either lower or the same as Thailand. The quality was alright which suits its price. So I'm blaming anything. In fact, I enjoyed shopping there! I got a pair of boots for 300 Taiwan Dollar, which is around 300 Baht (9-10USD), woohooo!

My friend, Dao, trying to buy a jade bracelet..

As a tourist, shopping here is like a tourist shopping in night markets in Thailand also. If you don't speak the language, the calculator is your best friend :) And yes, all the shops have it! The calculator is not for you to converting your currency to theirs, but to negotiate. It's the same mentality here with Taiwanese sellers. The price on the tag is not the final, it's meant for bargain :) Unless some stuff is like bargain already, no need to negotiate. Just like one time I was trying to bargain a 50Baht belt, the seller was actually scolding at me, hahaha.

Coming back from shopping, and eating also (since I look quite fat in this pic, hehe)

Trying on my new stuff from the night market, hehe :P