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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Siam Paragon Siege

For those who are in Thailand, especially Bangkok, including myself..you would be either deaf&dumb or been living in a cave in order to not know what's going on today...
That's right, the protest against Thaksin at Siam Paragon today.

I just happened to be there becoz it's on my way home, skytrain connection at Siam Station..well, since it's already on the news that this idiotic against Thaksin rally will be held at the newest gigantic mall in bkk, Siam Paragon. The mall had decided to close itself.

One thing though, I'm on neither side of this whole thing, I'm not a Thaksin supporter...I even use to think that he's a very corrupted square-faced politician..but guess what..after all these Sonthi nonsense...it starts to make me hate the anti-Thaksin people..

I got off the skytrain at Siam today at around 4.30pm, all I heard was the same shit after another.."Thaksin, GET OUT!!" and some other irrational, ignorance shit from them.
Sonthi and all his stupid shallow brain-dead suppoters are just fucking this country up..it's like a cult now and Sonthi is enjoying being a cult leader.

In the beginning, Sonthi supporters were like educated, middle-class bangkokians..but now?? after all his stupid, out of control behavior? The only people that are still supporting Sonthi are either uneducated, up-country(apart from the ones that Thaksin already bought), or simply shallow. These anti-Thaksin people claim themselves that they are sacrificing, it's for the country's sake and blah blah blah..but look at what they are doing, blocking the damn major road like this?? The other day was The Emporium on Sukhumvit and now Paragon??

Because of them, it took some people who still have to make a living in an office, not at the rally, 2 hours longer to get to work, why? becoz this protest is blocking the road!! These people are holding back the country's economy..all they want is to get rid of Thaksin but they never come up with the solution that who would be next...Sonthi?? I don't think so..

No..I'm not supporting Thaksin and I ain't gonna vote for his ass this Sunday...but..
YES I fucking hate Sonthi and all these idiots who are still protesting by saying only "Thaksin Get Out"..I hate you idiots for being so selfish by never stop protesting and causing civil problems. You guys are just walking scummy brainless parasites infesting this country.
They have no idea that what they are doing right now is making people who were against Thaksin before turn against them instead....


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