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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Coup d'├ętat in Thailand: The non-political story

I don't know if this is a little too late to be talking about the coup in Bangkok since it already happened last night. But don't worry (to the readers and the reform council), I'm not retelling the story (if I do, it'll be a brief one) or expressing opinion!! This is so non-political :) So, hopefully, I won't get banned or arrested or anything :P

It was very unexpected, at least to me and some others, that such thing would actually happened. On my way home last night, Sept 19th, I was still in a cab around 10pm. There was something on the radio, saying about Thaksin the PM (or ousted PM now)..blah blah blah..and state of emergency..blah blah blah. Honestly, I was so exhausted in the taxi so I didn't quite catch it and didn't think that it would be something serious.
Then I got home, turned on the radio to my favorite station(not sure if it's my fav, it's just that I'm too lazy to change to other stations), 102.5 FM, and I found out that there was no music (btw, this radio station plays english music) except the royal, king-praising song. That meant..something happened! Soon after, there was an annoucement from the coup leader, the reform council or whatever...That's when I realized..."this is a C-O-U-P!"
It kinda sucked that by the time I found out, there's no news available on tv or radio. Thanks to True ADSL that I paid 630Baht/month, I got to see some clip from BBC and read some news on the net (btw, I did try to go to CNN but it took too much time to load.)

Anyway, after finding out about the news and stuff, chatting with some friends on the net, I decided to go see the tanks myself. I mean, just hearing about it and seeing nothing is boring! I had the feeling that it's not like a bloodshed coup. In fact, it's a peaceful one! I got tired of looking at the same photos of the tanks and stuff. I just wanna find out myself and have my own photos!

So we got a cab, telling him we would go to the government house. The taxi driver was like, "I'm not sure! I think they blocked the road to government house, but I'll try to take you as close as I can."

By the time I got there it was something like 1-2am, and there were still a lot of people there. My feeling when I got there was like, "Is this some kind of show?" I mean, I thought it would be more serious than this. The one I went to was on Nakorn Sawan road. There were 2 tanks there and some soldiers. People were like taking photos with the tanks and stuff. It gave me the feeling of a children's day fair. There was nothing unusual at all except 2 tanks and some soldiers on a road. I think this coup is quite people friendly because they want people to be on the same side.
Photo Moment!
So yeah, I finally took photos with the tank, hehe. The funny thing about it is that Chuwit was there! He couldn't just help himself being a part of everything. For those of you who don't know who the hell is Chuwit, here we go, Chuwit Kamolvisit aka Davis Kamol was Thailand's biggest massage parlor owner. After having been arrested in 2003, he went public about his repeated bribe payments to hundreds of police officers. He then sold some of his parlors, formed his own political party and ran for Bangkok governor in August 2004, coming in third. In 2005 he was elected for a four-year term to the Thai House of Representatives, but in 2006 the Constitution Court removed him from parliament. (Thanks to Wikipedia for the info, for more detail on Chuwit click here)

Chuwit and his 'hammer' pose

So there goes my little coup adventure. As for the situation itself, some people agree with it, and some don't. It's true that this coup thing is like a step backward of Thailand's democracy. But sorry to say this, actually, democracy here has already been going backward for quite some time. With the right-in-your-face corruption and vote buying for years and years, not to mention toddler politicians...I don't know what's better really. I mean, how could you blame a second grade student for not being able to do calculus?