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Monday, January 07, 2008

A quick rant...

I went shopping and ran some errands today at Paragon and Central Chitlom. From Paragon, I took a taxi with my friend to go back to my place. On the way back, there's a police stop on the road searching cars for 'something'..god knows what they were looking for, drugs, anything illegal..or perhaps anything they could charge you with..

So the police stopped our taxi and asked us to get out, which was fine. I had no choice anyway, right?? They asked to search our bags... OK...I couldn't say no to that either, though, I doubt how this procedure really works. I'm not a law expert, so I don't really know if we have to let them do that. By the way, I wasn't being a bitch to the cops or anything (who dares?)

While searching, one cop was asking me if I had a foreign boyfriend. I repeat, foreign was the word he used, not farang..(but does it matter? dude was being politely nosy)

Does it matter if I had a bf or not, let alone foreign or Thai? I didn't say anything and he just kept asking me that, what the fuck?? I have dark skin, I wear a black tank top with a cap, and it makes me look like I gotta have a foreign boyfriend?? And does it have anything to do with the search for illegal substance?????!!!??

After asking me several times, my friend who was in the same situation, which anyone would assume that he was asking both of us the same thing, so she told him that she's still a student and showed him her student ID. The cop simply told her, "I didn't mean you, just your friend."

So I just said NO to him to get it over with. Then he was searching my wallet and found foreign currency like Yen, Won, HKD, USD..and he was like..."wow, you have foreign money, too"


I was like.. "Excuse me, I am a flight attendant, I carry many currency. What's wrong with that?"

The fucking Thai narrow-minded cop replied, "Don't be offended, I am not accusing you of anything, I'm just curious if you had a foreign bf or not. Because you look like you have a foreign bf."


Maybe the police has the rights to search civilians but does he have the rights to ask such judgmental, nosy, up-in-your-personal shit question???

Or am I too sensitive?? maybe they are just low-paid, inconsiderate asshole cops??

I can assure you, if it's some light-skinned Chinese looking Thai girl who has the same outfit and personality as I do, she wouldn't get the same question.

Even though the cop was still polite to me, I'm still upset anyway...

I'm so sick and tired of nosy Thai people generalizing about others, really...
Sometimes I just wish that my dad is a big ass police general or politician, so I could get it back to them in a nasty way. Since Thailand is a big corrupted shit hole anyway...there is no other way to do it.

Enough ranting for today...

who doesn't hate Thai cops??


At 11:36 PM, Blogger Brunty said...

It is wrong of the policeman to ask any of those questions. It has nothing to do with anything he was doing. Search the bag and let you go on your way.

What would it matter if you did have a foreign boyfriend? More bribery money!!

My girlfriend and I have been together for over two years. I met her in Ubon as she was a waitress at a restaurant in the evenings after studying at Uni all day. I started tutoring her and some of her friends and we gradually progressed from there.

She will often be asked "where did you meet him in Pattaya/Bangkok?" I always have to bite my tongue at this jibe. Okay maybe 85% of the cases is this but to assume it is blatantly rude.

I love it when Thai people flap their mouths off thinking I don't understand and I love the look on their faces when I reply to something they have said.

Corruption in Thailand is something that really hurts this country and also the crime and the lack of enforcement of basic rules of law.

The current political situation is making Thailand a laughing stock with countries throughout the world.

I hope in the morning you wake feeling better and you have a good week. Thailand has many beautiful things to see and offer and luckily you get to escape every now and then being a flight attendant.


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