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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The Beyoncé Experience Live in Bangkok 2007

Just a quick update on Beyoncé concert in Bangkok on October 30th...yes, I realize that it's been ages since then. Please forgive me for being so busy..

My seat was like 11th row from the stage because I didn't buy the ticket soon enough to get the better seat, so the photos and vdo clips that came out might not be so fantastic..but still, it was a memorable experience. Beyoncé is amazing. She's soooo awesome, what a great performer and entertainer!!!

Unfortunately, due to my stupidity, I accidentally deleted some photos from the concert!!! It actually made me realize that sometimes recycle bin is better than shift+delete, haha.

At least I still got some vdo clips left...by the way, they are not very good clips..but it's better than nothing, hahha...
I actually have more of the better, longer clips but I couldn't upload either on here or youtube..so I guess if you are interested, you can contact me personally ;)


At 6:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

~Hi Gwang~

I'm glad you got to see Beyonce:) I think she is very beautiful. I have not seen "Dreamgirls" yet but one of these days I'll watch the DVD.

11 rows back - not too-o-o bad, but I hope the next time she comes to Bangkok you get a front row seat!

Best wishes!


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