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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Koh Samet (Samet Island)

Just a quick update on a quick trip to Koh Samet, Rayong province, Thailand...

By quick trip, I mean leaving Bangkok on Saturday morning at like 7-8am and arriving there around 10-11am. Spent Saturday night there and left on Sunday before noon! I know it sounds kinda pointless but since it's incredibly difficult to have the same free time for all of us...this is the best we could do :(

We took a bus at Ekamai eastern bus terminal, the most rundown bus terminal in Bangkok so far.

Tum and Kate on the bus. They look pretty fresh, don't they?

After 2 hours something on the bus, which made me realize that I'm getting too old for bus ride, we arrived at Ban Phe where the piers are.
You can either take a speed boat (around 1000-1200 Baht depends on how many ppl) which takes around 15 mins to the beach, or take the cheaper one that you share with bunch of ppl (fun for college kids and those who have time to spend on the boat rather than the beach) which would take 30-45 mins.

Tum, Pue, and Kate on speed boat, getting ready to go :)

The regular boat...been there, done that....and prefer speed boat now..

Approaching the beach..

There are many beaches on Koh Samet, the first and foremost one that regular boats will go to is *Ao Saikeaw (Saikeaw beach), you can just get off here and take go to other beaches on land or you can just take the boat to other beaches directly.

*Ao actually means 'bay' in Thai

The beach we went is Ao Pai, where the famous Silver Sand bar is. It's actually the first time we stayed there. Last time we stayed at Ao Wongduen which is a bit further but I think it's nicer. The reason we chose Ao Pai this time is because we had good memory with Silver Sand bar last time we went, hehe.

Kate sitting at the porch of our ghetto hut..

The place we stayed at..sucked... It was cheap, way down to earth, down enough for millipede to be on the bed and floor occasionally, bit spider watching u naked in the shower, etc. At least we stayed for only one night but it's bad enough to not go back there again..unless...you truly love nature and god's creatures...

a ghetto look with a ghetto hut, haha (man, I'm sure I was skinnier last time I visit Koh Samet!)

See how natural and down to earth it is???

Ok, enough whining ;) We spent the afternoon at the beach, I'm not much of a beach person either because my hometown is also a beach town so I'm sick of it, or something else hehe. My friends went to play in the sea and get salty water on body while I prefer wearing bikini, lying down reading a book, or falling asleep, hehe. (yes i know i'm boring!)

Tum, my model on the beach ;)

Exploring a bit ...

A few years ago, i would call this a mermaid, but now is more like walrus, haha..

My friends relaxing before getting on banana boat :)

Another good friend of mine, Yarh, with her boyfriend..

Ready for banana boat??

Getting some more tan..though I think it's kinda too much already, hehe.

Getting some massage while some friends were having fun with banana boat, aren't I just an old maid? hehe

A peaceful dinner before party :P

I like the triangle pillow thingy...makes it feel kinda authentic, hehe

Ao Phai at night..

Welcome to Silver Sand

and then..my camera was out of battery...
The trip was short and not that magnificent, no wild sex, no crazy bong hit, but it was pretty relaxing and it's always good to be spending time with my friends :)
Pue and I trying to not have a hangover in the morning...

Though, if we are going to a beach trip again..can we fly??