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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The 50Cent lives in Bangkok AFTERMATH

Although the concert took place like ages ago(Feb 26th) at Aktiv Square, Muang Thong Thani, there's still something for me to think about, not to mention the more obsessed i get with 50cent&G-unit music and the worries about my grades becoz i had the most important final exams the day after the concert.

It is quite a surprise actually. Ok, the thing is that i got to be at the front row at the concert(which i should be since i got my ass there since 3pm!) and the girl who was standing next to me is like..a half farang girl, quite pretty, i just thought she's some kind of international school girl, that's all.
Then, since we were at the front row, some photographer and camera man took our photos and stuff, though, i think they wanted to take HER photos becoz she's very pretty(in a half thai-farang way i think) but my friend and I ended up being in the camera, which was totally fine by us, hehe.

But the interesting part is that she was so photogenic and really knew how to pose in front of camera and such, also very smiley and friendly which was not how she was in person. She seemed kinda stuck-up actually. It was either I looked at her too much (coz she's pretty) or it's just a hot, tiresome day.
Oh also, my friend who went with me was mentioning something like that girl looked very familiar somehow, like a celeb or model or some shit..but we couldn't think of anything yet.

Then 2 weeks later, i got a chance to talk to that friend of mine over the phone and it turned out that that girl is the current Miss Thailand's World for the year 2005!
It was really a surprise, why??
1. she was soooooooo small, a lot shorter than me and look too young to be one
2. the ppl who were with her then were like this chinese-looking-from-a-thai-international-shool thai boy and a seem-like-hi-so girl. So..it just seemed like she's nobody. err, is this reason relavent?

oh btw, she's not miss thailand's world originally, though, she was actually the 1st runner-up but the original one resigned for some reasons(sorry i dont catch up with thai entertainment news that much), so here she is ...Cindy, Sirinya Jansen, the current Miss Thailand's World.
P.S. She didn't look as good when she was in the pageant as in person.


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