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Sunday, March 19, 2006

blogging or bitching?

As for the first time blogging in my entire life, it's probably more like bitching about things that i've come across, since bitching is becoming a part of my personality now. Though, I'm not sure that either i'm a bitch myself or the environment has turned me into one.

Ok, enough babbling. The thing is that my part-time job is involved in something like customer service and translation kinda thing so basically I have to deal with ppl on the phone WHICH I don't mind. But what irritates me is dealing with IDIOTS on the phone, if it's just normal enough educated person, it would be just fine.

The legendary irritating ones I ususally get is a Thai person calling in with absolutely no fucking reason at all. My job is translating Thai t0 English and vice versa, also, helping Thai customers find meanings of words and such. Sounds easy, right? but if u've never dealed with Thai ppl before, OMG, u wouldn't imagine how fucked up their minds can be....like this one..for example..

Bitchy me: *Greeting* Would you like to use the translation service? (sth like that)
Them: "YES"
ME: "you are with a foreigner or would you like me to translate a word/text for you?"
Them: "YES"
ME: .........................(wtf?) Is there anything I can do for you then?
Them: "errr, yes"
it's like all the fucking thing they say is yes yes yes and yes and that's in Thai btw, not in any foreign language at all.

oh and sometimes they were just like..silent all through the conversation..then when i started to end the conversation and hang up, they would just go "hello?"
I know, to some ppl, it sounds nothing, but it is so annoying if u have to come across these idiots everytime. And maybe partly it is because i am irritated easily, too.But to look at it as a whole though, it just shows that there r still a huge amount of Thai ppl who can't even communicate with fellow Thai or to accomplish a simple task like talking on the phone!
I wonder if it happens in every underdeveloped(or developing to be more patronizing) country or just Thailand.


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