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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Graduation..free at last!!

Well, I just realized that I haven't put my graduation memory on the record. It was like ages ago...since the graduation day-July 5th!

With friends from my ex-coworkers at FCC

After 5 years of boring university life and tiresome study, finally, I'm free at last!!
You are probably wondering why I think university life was boring..well, you'd never understand if you hadn't been a nerd and gone to Pharmacy school of Mahidol University, haha!

The thing is, with Mahidol U., it has way too many campuses. Most of the faculties are isolated on their own campus. Like Pharmacy for example, you spend basically 3 and a half year at the campus with no other students except the pharmacy ones...same old faces for fricking 3.5 years, man..that is kinda borrrrrrring......

Oh by the way, the first year and half of the second year we spend time at the main campus, Salaya..some ppl liked it..I didn't. It is in Nakorn Pathom province...far from everything and full of mosquitos! And let me tell you man, Salaya mosquitos ain't no joke..they are huge and suck lots of blood!!

Me and my classmates at the Salaya campus:)

A tiresome moment at Pharm. Techno lab..making drugs and shit..

Some good old days in the lecture room, eating, sleeping, etc..haha

Yo!! I can look kinda intellectual, too, you know?!?

My best friends, Kate, Yarh, and Pue...we r Fantastic 4!! haha!

Pue is now studying dentistry instead, though, dunno if that's a good choice or not:P

With my juniors...

With Nui and Aoi, my good friends since secondary school!!

Despite the fact how boring and tiresome the course was, I have to thanks all my good friends there..they have made my university life a lot better...I miss you guys naaa!!


At 8:09 AM, Blogger Mc Vickers said...

Congratulations and welcome to the adult life

At 5:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

~Sawatdee krup Gwang~

Congratulations! Your friends and family must be very proud of you! Thanks for posting your nice graduation pics!

You lament that you were a nerd for 5 years at a boring university, but when you get a nice job (with a nice paycheck) you'll be glad you were such a nerd!

Polls here in the US rank pharmacists even higher than doctors in good character and altruism. So pharmacy is a noble profession!

By the way, you said in one of your archived entries that you are studying for a second degree at another university. What else are you studying?

Ok, maybe I should post this down under your Chicago entry, I'm not sure, but here's a coincidence. I hope this isn't too trivial to post, but I think coincidences are cool:

A colleague of mine at work asked if I could work a shift for her so that she could take her niece to Chicago for the weekend, and I did. To show their appreciation they brought me back a nice big coffee mug from the Shedd Aquarium, which they had visited. Recently I just happened to turn the mug over and looked at the bottom, and saw that it was made in... Thailand!

Best wishes!

At 11:12 PM, Anonymous Adam huynh said...

I have ben reading your blog which i stumbled upon and its been a real laugh for me. I also studied pharmacy in Sydney, and also found it boring, and after working in that field for a couple of years I have left it for good.

Anyway, keep up the good work, regarding cops, buying underwear etc etc as its entertaining me.

Your truly

Adam ahuynh_au@hotmail.com


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