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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Dusit Palace Complex

Yoooooo...I'm back!! It's been a long long time since my last post. So my friends who are complaining about me not updating my blog..here you go :)

Sorry about the writing, I get a bit rusty over time, hehe.

So..some time ago, I had the chance to visit Vimanmek Mansion and the Dusit Palace area. So I figure I should share the experience :)

The first place I went was
Vimanmek Mansion. It is a former royal palace in Bangkok and it is also known as Vimanmek Teak Mansion because that's what it is made of.......teak :)

The Vimanmek Palace was reassembled in 1901 completely out of teak from its original location in Koh Sichang. It was used as a royal palace by King Chulalongkorn and his family, but was abandoned in 1935.

Reconstructed in 1982 (that's when I was born!) at the request of Queen Sirikit (the current queen), the palace is now a major tourist attraction. It is believed to be the largest golden teak building in the world.

For more detailed info, try here; Bureau of the Royal Household.

Vimanmek Mansion opens for visit everyday except public holiday (don't ask me what days are public holidays 'coz there are many of them, lol)
Opening hours: 9.30am-4pm

Some Thai style house on the premises...no one lives there (anymore) I believe..

They also have tour guide provided both in Thai and English throughout the day. So, I'm not gonna tell you about the history of this place because I don't want the tour guides lose their job :P (and also because I forget already.)Always lots of people visiting everyday :)
Trying to behave :P
In an ugly weird cap..well, it's super sunny that day!
Taking a break in the garden
This is also on the premises...I don't even know what it is...

You can also walk to the Royal Plaza and the Ananda Smakhom Throne Hall from Vimanmek Mansion. They are all connected to each other somehow....it's really worth the trip..3 in 1!!
Me, the ugly cap, and the Throne Hall :P
Another shot :) It is nicer without me in it!

The Throne Hall was constructed in the Italian Renaissance and Neo Classic style of architecture. The exterior is decorated with marble from Carrara, Italy.

The last place I visited was Wat Benchamabophit Dusitvanaram aka Marble Temple. It's kinda in the complex..though, it's a bit of a walk..but not too bad.

Construction of the temple began in 1899 at the request of King Chulalongkorn (King Rama V) after building his palace nearby. The temple's name literally means the Temple of the fifth King located nearby Dusit Palace.
This temple is built from Italian marble...that's why it has a nickname of Marble Temple :)

This is taken from the back side of the ordination hall (Ubosot)

Inside the ordination hall..some ceremony going on at the moment..

Thanks wikipedia (as usual) for extra info, hehe.


At 6:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi! I enjoy your blog and all the lovely pics! I was in Bangkok in '06 and visited the Marble Temple and took a photo of the ordination hall Buddha. Some day I hope to visit Thailand again, and maybe I'll visit the Vimanmek Mansion the next time!

Hey, I live in the US and saw that you were in Chicago! Cool! I live about 240 miles (what's that in kms - maybe about 400?)from Chicagoland. I love to visit Chicago, usually about twice a year, it's a great town! I hope you get to travel more in the US. Be sure to see New York City!

Thanks for your postings, I like following your travels and adventures and seeing your pics! You're a real cutie:) Best wishes!


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