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Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Amateur Cabaret Show!

*Sigh* It's been a really busy crazy week. Working my ass off on the special project (term paper sort of thing), working part-time, grandpa's funeral, final exam at another university (I'm doing 2 degrees) ...and what else?? Well, actually, I shouldn't blame it on my special project because I've been slacking off too much..so I guess, I deserved the consequence when it's due, hehe.

Enough intro, apart from those stuff I had to do, there was also this thing...how should I begin?
Ok, since I'm studying pharmacy, there are 12 pharmacy schools (or faculty of pharmacy from 12 university) in Thailand, each year we have this kinda like..get together thing, you know? Each year, one uni has to be the host, arranging activities like sports, games, accommodation, etc. The event lasts 3 days and it is set to be during school break in October.
So my school, pharmacy faculty of Mahidol University, got to be the host for this year, on 14-16 Oct 2006. I never actually attended this event since my freshman year to the end. Not like I'm not an activity person..I just wanna spend my school break doing something else that's not involving this school, you know?

Anyway, I somehow got dragged into it :P Since we are the host, we had to do the opening ceremony and the show. When there are any extravagant school shows, this gay alumnus will get involved. He's a very successful pharmacist, in fact, I'm doing internship with him at his pharmacy next week! This gay alumnus (btw, he graduated from Pharmacy, Mahidol around 32 years ago) is always in charge of the choreography, costumes, etc.

My beautiful ladyboy friend, Picky (she can be found in my blog about school, also), is close to P'Heng the gay alumnus, so of course, she's gonna be the star of the show!
P'Heng assigned her to the last show to end the night with extravagant made-to-order new cabaret costume!!! (It's the ladyboys' dream, believe me.) The thing was, she had to find another 2 girls who are up to the same height to be in the show, too.

Since I'm her friend and also 170cm. tall, that's the end of the solution. Besides, we always work together on school performance every year anyway for orientation camps. So us on stage performing?? Bring it!
I don't know why anyone wanna say no to it. This is not just a silly school play or dance that students just arrange it. This is a big thing plus the professional level costume and make-up..the real deal! Also, this is not happening to you quite often in your life..it's a wonderful experience!!

Let's talk about the show. The theme was like 70's vibe mixed with some others, and 80% of the show is gay (or kateoy, more like.) On that day, Oct 14th, we had to be at Salaya campus, main campus of Mahidol University, at 10am for rehearsal and make-up, but the performance was at 9pm!!
Ple, Picky, and me on the way to Salaya campus
View from the back of the bus, route 515, Salaya-Victory Monument :)
On our way to the main stadium where the performance would be, I found a monitor lizard on the way in the campus, just reminding me how Salaya is..so..err.. natural and full of wild creatures! hehe.
Rehearsing in the stadium
The make-up crew showed up in the afternoon. There were a lot more than we thought!! When I first saw them arrived, it gave me the impression of Bangkok Fashion Week or something!!!hehe :P There was a crew of MTI(Make-up institute) and very experienced make-up artist P'Aey. P'Aey was a special one, she did make-up for my show and Marilyn Monroe show only.
Getting beautified by P'Aey :P
Tips sharing to MTI make-up crew from P'Aey
Dressing UP
Me and Picky transforming into cabaret kateoys

Ple, me, and Picky
With my id sisters, one was in the show also as Marilyn Monroe!
My gay friend Tum in his costume
So colorful!!
Some Traditonal Dance Show also :)
Fruity Juicy!!
The Young Kateoys of Hot Jazz Show
This one was for the Solo Indian Dance Show!
Picky fully dressed!
That was just the preparation for the show..to be continued with pics and story from the show itself in the next blog tomorrow. It's 5am now!! I should go to bed!


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