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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

My New Addiction

Finally exam is over and so is school! All I have left now is the 2-month final internship at the end of the month and then I'll be done with school entirely. Time goes pretty fast when you come to think of it. This might sound like an old lady, but actually, I could still remember my freshman year, staying at the dorm with bunch of friends and such...

Anyway, so in the meantime, I am kinda relaxing a bit here..but not so much. I do still work part-time and go to school every now and then to work on my special project(it's like a term paper that you need to finish in order to graduate.)So when I have some little free time..I get online. And guess what!! Unfortunately, I found another addiction.

My brother recommended this game to me because he knew that I like music and stuff. This game is an online game called "Audition", originally from Korea as usual, hosted and operated in Thailand by Playpark.

OK..this is gonna be quite geeky and nerdy..so if you can't tolerate it..please skip the rest of this blog, hehe.

This game, basically, is all about dancing with various kinds of music, Thai, international, or just melodies, with different beats and stuff. Once you installed the game, you have to sign in and connect to the game via website. When you start playing for the first time, you'll have a character, either male or female..up to you, with basic clothing and hairstyle. There are sooooooooo many outfit and hairstyles for you to choose..or buy rather with the money you earn from dancing.

When you compete dancing with others, you'll gain exp points for level yourself up and money to buy stuff in the game. Actually, you can also buy cards from game shops or 7-11 (I think)..with real cash to put money in the game..if you don't wanna bother with saving up money from dancing..but what's the point, right? that's not challenging!

The game play is not so complicate, you choose enter the game server and pick a channel to enter. You can either create a room of your own so you can pick the songs, the scene, and dance mode, or join others.
Each room can hold up to 6 players, when everyone is ready, the host will start the dance:) This game doesn't require complex skills, all you need is actually concentration because you just press the arrow keys shown on the screen within the time limit and then hit space bar at the right time, each arrow key represents each movement. Player with best moves wins.
Adding more difficulty, when red arrows appear, they are the opposite direction! One thing about the moves though, when it is a slow song..the dance is quite gay, hehe.

Team mode is available also, team up with your friends and compete with others!!

So that's what keeps me occupied recently, if you see me online but no response...this is the reason :P
By the way..the game is free :)


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