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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

My First Gay Bar Experience

Last Saturday night I went to this gay bar, Expresso, with my gay friend. (Don’t be too surprised why I went there. I was forced to go, ok?)
Unfortunately, I don’t have any photo of the place. I can’t find any on google, and I surely didn’t wanna bring my own camera to take photos there. Who knows what might happen!

Anyway, this Expresso bar is on Silom soi 2. This soi is a tiny soi full of gay bars. The one opposite to the Expresso(I believe it's called DJ or something) was sooo PACKED all night long. Maybe because that place has like a stage or something (I could see from the Expresso, hehe.), so there was some sort of show there. Then later on that night, you could just go up the stage and dance, etc., though, my friend said, "Make sure you have a good body to go up there, otherwise, it's just gonna be embarassing".

It was quite fun and interesting to go there. Only sad thing was that the hot guys you see there were not gonna be available for us girls, hehe. As for the music at the Expresso, the night I went it was quite alright. The ladyboy dj made sure that she had reminded me all night long that this place was for gay people by playing 3 Cher's songs in a row and other songs with similar style, but so what?? I could still enjoy it anyway, as long as I could sing along with the music. (And yes, I could sing Cher's also.)

Another thing I learned from the Expresso, there were typical drinks for you to order. They were all 100 each, I think. According to my gay friend, if you order Blue Hawaii, you are the queen, passive, more faminine one (whatever you guys call it). If you carry a bottle of Heineken, you are the king, active, more musculine one. If you order something else, it means either you don't know the code or still wait and see how things go :) As for me, I got Long Island, not because I was a female, it is just my fav!

Please note that I absolutely have nothing against gay people whatsoever, in fact, I like gay people!! If my blog entry offense anyone, please forgive me. It is just that I have so many types of gay friend here in Thailand, and I don't know how it is internationally.

Anyway, so many queen ones at Expresso. I just think it is getting more and more difficult to find the real king here in Thailand. So many of gay people here are quite faminine, even though they act like they are just homosexual guy to you, but when they are with close friends...they are turning towards Ka-teoy side. (Ka-teoy is like so faminine behavior, like ladyboy, only that they are not transvestites.)

Back to Expresso, the ladyboy djs were quite pretty. I couldn't help looking at them..they were just pretty! There was a white middle-aged couple in there that impressed me. They were so sweet to each other. I saw them talking and kissing sweetly..ohhh I'm jealous!!(Not the gay kissing part, but kissing your lover romantically!) I guess it was quite a nice holiday for them in Thailand because they might not get to do such thing as kissing in public in their country.

Enough for now, sorry for not updating in a long time and not many pics :((((
I will get back on bitching and blogging again when I am not so busy with school work and special project.


At 4:16 PM, Anonymous Largo said...

Thank u for sharing, Gwang :-)

Talok lae naa sonjai na

juub juub


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