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Friday, June 02, 2006

Back to School!!

I hope it's not too surprising that I'm still a student eventhough I might look too old for it:P
This is my last year as a pharmacy student. One more semester to go and another internship in the next semester, then I'll be done with this whole thing!
Me in the student uniform..
Well, the school started right after my Sukhothai internship, May 22nd. This semester is not as intense as the previous one, which is awesome, no more pharmacology classes and shit..woohooo
Me in the lecture room, I don't look too nerdy, do I? hehe
Here is my class schedule this semester..
Mon: 8.30-9.30 Pharm. Administration then Special Project for the rest of the day..

Tue: 8.30-10.30 Pharm. Admin (again) 10.30-12.30 Pharm. Jurisprudence

Wed:9am-12pm Health Economics

Thu: 9.30-12.30pm Community Pharmacy Management(It's about running drug stores and stuffs)
1.30pm-4.30pm Drug Marketing

Fri: Computer in Pharmacy...all day...(we'll be learning ACCESS, ASP, Java, html)

So, no more labs!! yay!! Except my special project that is involved lab but it's a nice one, no labor and shit..just using the PCR machine and we're set! hehe. The special project thingy is required for every student, if u don't get it done, u will not graduate, basically. Usually one project per 2 students, sometimes 3. My project partner is a good friend of mine, Yarh, and the project is quite chilling coz we'll be working with a grad. student anyway. So everything should be fine, hehe.

My friends, Tummy and Yarh(my project partner)

I was gonna take Cosmetics earlier but changed to Community Pharmacy Management and Drug Marketing instead, why? Becoz eventhough cosmetics sounds interesting..but I always suck at labs. For the past few years, whenever I have this kinda lab practice exam..i always broke up shit and got either C or C+ out of it :( So now when i have to chance to avoid it, why not??!

With my lab partners, Jay, Nat, and Soi in the Pharmaceutical Technology Lab!(The one I suck at, lol)

With Nui and Tummy..in the intern uniform :)

My friends in Health Econ class, I dunno why we all take it..maybe becoz no exams, just assignments? hehe
From left to right: NamGlua, Kate, Chou, Yarh, Aor, and Nui

With my lovely gay friend, Tummy, and a ladyboy friend, Picky (Isn't she prettier than real woman?? Standing next to her makes me look like shit!)

Thank you for reading this silly blog, hehe, if you happen to be interested in my gay friend, Tummy, or Picky (to be friends and whatnot, LOL) you can let me know :) HAHAHA


At 11:26 AM, Blogger talksmart said...

Great writing! I'm from the Philippines. Looking for good links...Can i get a link from you? :-)

At 4:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Great writing, lots of tips, I'm headed to Sukhothai.

Would you want to pass my info to Picky? She's lovley....Yes, I'm interested, and for my info, pics, etc, drop a line to me


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