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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Sawasdee Kaosarn!

I just went to Khaosarn road the other night ago. It's been such a long time since I went there last time, I can't even remember when was it. Anyway, things there were pretty much the same, lots of backpacker and Thai people..I don't know which one is more..hehe.

Oh the reason I went to Khaosarn again was because my beeyatch friend, Pue, dragged me there. She said there was a cool place on the 2nd floor of Sawaddee Khaosarn restaurant with a very good live band and of cause, young white eye candies (according to her) to look at.

Pue, my b-yatch..
So I finally got there, the 2nd floor of Sawaddee Khaosarn Restaurant, the place is called Shamrock..so obviously it's an Irish pub but honestly, I don't see any different between Brit, Irish, whatever pubs in Thailand here, hehe.

Pue and I together at Koh Samed last year
So how was Shamrock?? It's awesome!!! I mean, in terms of the place and people, it's alright but what great about it is the band!!! It's a Thai band and the male singer was quite old actually but he still looked cool with his long gray hair and such, so arty looking and the guitar (or bass, i'm not sure) player looked just like a middle-aged chinese looking guy with 2 kids..but hey! They ROCKed! The music they played was all English and they did so damn well!! The last time I saw a Thai band playing really good English music was at Santika and this one was the second one I've ever come across!! The music they played at Shamrock was like the Goo Goo Dalls, No Doubt, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, stuff like that!!

Khaosarn Road at night..
And since it's Khaosarn road, so the drinks and stuff there weren't too bad in terms of price..so I don't mind going back there again despite the fact that I don't go to Khaosarn anymore! FYI, hehe, when I was a couple of years younger I used to like going to Khaosarn a lot for drinking, dancing and meeting cool guys but recently since I'm getting old, hehe, I don't like Khaosarn anymore but since I went to Shamrock..I totally don't mind just going there to sit down and listen to the music with my friends. I hope I don't sound like an old lady, hehe...


At 1:03 PM, Anonymous Largo said...

Never been there. And i guess i will never, haha. Mai yark ja jer farang welar yoo Mueang Thai :-)

Ja pai Thailand duern naa.. business. Akart yang dee yuu mai?

P Largo eng

At 12:48 AM, Blogger devilish_angel said...

Weather sucks, raining too much. Hope it would rain less next month :)


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