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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Long Live the KING!

Oh my god!! Now I know what happened. At first I tried to put this blog but I had problems putting photos on it..I almost gave up entirely..and guess what? Firefox saves my bitchy blog life! Ok, I normally used IE for browsing internet including blog update..it worked fine before but recently the photos I upload wouldn't appear on the writing page..so screw it now, IE sucks! By the way, I am not getting paid from Firefox for telling you this, but I tried to change the browser to firefox just to test if I will have the same problem and I don't!! So it's my default browser now!! wooo!!
Ok enough intro, let's get back to the blog I've been trying to update for 2 weeks!

Probably no one in Thailand doesn't know how significant these past few weeks been, especially Friday 9th and this coming Monday, 12th. It's the 60th Anniversary Celebrations of HM's Accession to the Throne.
On Friday 9th, there was a very memorable ceremony, a ceremony that we Thai people will never forget. Their Majesties came to the Royal Plaza for the royal ceremony of the 60th Anniversary of HM's Accession to the Throne. According to the news and TV, soooo many many
Thai people came and waited to see Their Majesties at the Royal Plaza since the night before. It is very overwhleming to see the sea of yellow gathered the whole area (in case you still don't know, people are wearing yellow to show respect for HM the King because yellow is his birthday color, Monday). I am sure that you won't find this in any other country where millions of citizen could love, respect and be loyal this much to their King.

Their Majesties the King and Queen, our most beloved King and Queen! (Thanks to Dailynews for this photo)

The Sea of Yellow!! So overwhleming..LONG LIVE THE KING!!(Thanks to The Bangkok Post)

And on Monday 12th, the day people await for, The Royal Barge Procession, the historical ceremony which Their Majesties the King and Queen and foreign monarchs will attend. This ceremony will be held at Chaophraya River and yes, so many and many people will be there, all the restaurants and hotels by the river are all booked since last year!! So..I'll be watching it at home..

The Spectacular Fireworks!

By the way, for those who are in Thailand, this Sunday 11th will be the last day for the exhibition in honor of His Majesty the King..so if you still haven't seen it, it's your last chance!!

This exhibition is from 26 May-11 June 2006 at IMPACT Exhibition center, Muang Thong Thani, Nonthaburi Province, 9am-9pm. I already went there during the first week of the exhibition..it was very impressive!! They said on the ads about the exhibition that if you go see it, you'll love the King much much more..and it's so true!!

Standing outside the exhibition hall..

The exhibition features His Majesty’s biography, his activities, and royally initiated projects. There are stage performances to raise funds for royal charities and souvenirs for sale.

The waterfall curtain (I'm not sure what's it called exactly) displaying texts and images. Do u see how crowded it is!!

The King and I :)

King Rama V, the popular King who abolished slavery in the Chakri dynasty section.
When he was young; the photo showing how His Majesty cares about agricultural and forestry since he was so little!

An adorable display of the King's handwriting on the invitation card to his cousin in the King's biography section.
At the beautiful fountain, displayed in the section showing where HM first met the Queen!

The big book welcoming you to see His Majesty's literature and art works..
The symbol for this event, the 60th Anniversary Celebrations of HM's Accession to the Throne
The wishing tree..people writing notes, blessing and wishing HM: Long Live the King!
So I finally get to update this blog of my blessing memory, my wonderful King!! I hope you would find it interesting :)


At 1:59 PM, Anonymous Largo said...

such a shame that i missed it. Haven't been in Siam since 2002 :(

i like the King too and i wish he was 20 again.

Always great reading and seeing you na ja

P Largo eng


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