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Friday, June 30, 2006

Pue's 22nd Bday@ Khaosarn

I just went back to Khaosarn again on Tuesday night 28th due to Pue's Bday. Since she's the bday girl, she was the one picking the place and of cause it couldn't be anywhere else but Shamrock Irish Pub, hehe.
Pue, the Birthday Girl :)
While waiting for the rest of the girls to show up, Pue, Palm, and I decided to have a little tour here on Khaosarn..
Palm, in front of the Fresh Juice Stall :P
The Fruits at the stall.
Pue and her smoothie...
Us girls @ Khaosarn :P

With some farangs walking on Khaosarn Road, lol..
This is one of the popular stuff at Khoasarn, Padthai Stall :)
The Usual Night Scene of Khaosarn...
Some Hot Girls from Lava Club...
I couldn't believe it's been 4-5 years now when I was still hanging out at Khaosarn a lot (don't ask me why, as you should figure it out, hehe). Anyway, Lava Club was already there back then, it was originally something like Euro style, you know, some techno, house, whatever it was..but then it had changed to something like Hip-Hop in order to suit the trend..which is more popular among Thai poeple.
The interesting thing is that back in the days, 4 or so years ago, I went out to Lava Club sometimes and I met this girl who worked there quite often to the point that she recognized me. And now, the other night ago, I saw her sexy ass at Lava still, leaning against the sign, hot as always...it made me wonder, why?..why is she still there? She has met so many many guys in her life, I am sure a woman like her could have just ended up with any man if she wanted to. Well, I guess she enjoys her life the way it is..though, I'd have just moved on to do something else if it was me, wouldn't u?
Here We Are! Shamrock Irish Pub!
Big Brothers Band: The House band at Shamrock Irish Pub
So yeah, this is the band I am talking about, the Big Brothers Band. It is a house band of this pub, been playing there for a couple of years now. I think I know why it's called Big Brothers..look at the male singer! hehe. I had the chance to talk to the female singer, she just joined this band for a year. The songs they play are pretty much whatever those are English, soft rock, brit stuff, a lil hip-hop and more, you can request for the songs, too, they will play it if they can. I requested for Bohemian Rhapsody, too bad she said there was no chorus so they couldn't do it.
Like I mentioned before in my previous blog entry, this band is the second one I've come across so far that does a really good job on singing English songs (the other one I found is the one at Santika, Ekkamai, not sure if it's still playing there though). For those who are interested, kindly check it out yourself at Shamrock Pub, 2nd floor of Sawasdee Khaosarn, opposite to Silk Bar. The band performs daily from around 9ish to 1am approximately and the pub plays hip-hop music during the breaks. No entrance fee during weekdays and 100 Baht(one drink) on weekends.
Would you like to drink Sangsom with us? hehe
There was some scene going on in the pub, I hope i'm not too nasty to show you this. Ok, let me give you some intro, first of all, this place is more like a sit-down place, you know. You go there, sit down, have a couple of drinks, listen to the music, watch football, etc, etc, etc. When it gets a lil late, you might dance in order to respond the hip-hop music that the dj is trying to put together. But what I encountered this time, it was more than just a dance. Or maybe I'm just getting too old to be fine with this??
Some low class obscene stuff in the pub..
So there was this group of loser-looking farang guys, either "virgin and too drunk" or "drunk and too horny"to control themselves. They were finally hitting on this group of either "hooker-looking" or "farang-hunter" girls, no matter what they were, they looked pretty bad..
Yea, yeah, you might be thinking what a mean nasty bitch I am, telling you all this, but god, if you see the way these girls danced, it's like they came from Nana or Patpong a gogo bars or something.
Some make out scene happening..
Oops, she started to notice what we were up to, lol!

So that was somewhat Pue's Bday party, quite enjoyable, I hope I didn't put too many photos, hehe :P



At 5:11 PM, Anonymous dazzler said...


I was in Santika last night and it was just ok. Khaosan used to be better to,
nut a lot of dodgy farangs there now picking up hookers...never mind.

I live in the centre of Bangkok for 8 years now. Where do you study? What will
you do when your studies are over?


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