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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Bye Bye Puppy:(

This is a short one…dedicating to my dog…

This dog of mine was born unexpectedly from Som-Jook, a dog that my mom forgot to gave her birth control procedure which was quite unusual. Anyway, her name was Som-Cheng (Som means orange in Thai..so they both are different types of orange). She was an only puppy, no bro or sis.
Due to the first time pregnancy of Som-Jook, it was quite tough to deliver the puppy and my mom wasn’t home during the time..so Som-Cheng turned out to have this huge funny looking bellybutton, haha!

See how big her belly button is?

Eventhough I wasn't at home as much to be so close to Som-Cheng, but whenever I came to my parent's, she always recognized me (maybe becoz she saw me when she was little) unlike her mommy..always barks at me and acts like I'm a stranger everytime I go home!

You probably don't think my dog is cute but people always find their own pets cuter than others anyway!

Oh I forgot to mention, we have so many dogs at our house and they are not like expensive pure bred or anything. They are just normal Thai dogs and 2 poodles. I personally think why spending a lot of money on the pure bred dogs while there are still plenty of dogs that people don't want, you know? My mom always adopted those dogs from people instead of buying dogs. I think it has 2 benefits, 1)You give those dogs home and 2)You don't have to waste money, I don't know which benefit my mom was more interested in, probably the second one, LOL. Although we have been through so many deaths of our dogs since we raised so many generations of them, it's still sad everytime when a dog passes away. And it's worse when they die young as puppies.

Some close-up look at Som-Cheng :)

So my mom called me the other day that Som-Cheng had died...from heartworms. My mom was so busy that week and didn't take her to the vet :( My mom felt very bad about it but there's nothing we can do now.

Me (shitty as usual) and my puppy..

I don't know why I feel so connected with this dog compared to others at home. Maybe because I played with her more than others lately, oh well, goodbye my lovely and playful Som-Cheng..it's so sad that I didn't have much time to spend with you but you will standout in my pet memory and I hope the other dogs won't get jealous! hehe..


At 1:56 PM, Anonymous Largo said...

shitty trong nai la?
ya're a hottie as always :)


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