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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Amateur Cabaret Part II

After standing by outside the hall, getting bitten by veteran mosquitoes, here comes the show itself :)
Our MC's, dressed like prince and princess from a fairy tale..
First started with the Hot Jazz show, can you tell it's a ladyboy in the middle?

The colorful sexy dance with "Can't Take My Eyes Off You"

This show was all girls, by the way :)
My ID Sister as Marilyn Monroe, supposedly..
The fruity Jamaica dance
Oh, these are also girls, hehe
This is "The Runner" show, all ka-teoys performed (ladyboy-like) but they preferred to be called 'gay'. I hope it doesn't look like a men-eating tribe dance, hehe:P
Have a break with Thai traditional dance, this one is the Lanna (north region of Thailand) theme
All 4 regions together, North, South, Northeast(aka Isaan), and Central

The last show, "When Will I See You Again"
I don't look too much like a ladyboy, do I?
Here comes Ple, another girl who had convinced people she's a ladyboy from this show:P
Time for the queen of the show, Picky!
That's it for today's show :)
So, that was all my cabaret experience which I might not have a chance to do ever again in my life! Thank you P'Heng and Picky for giving me the opportunity!


At 8:13 PM, Anonymous Largo said...

mai khoey ruu wa pen kathoey wa!
lor len na :-)

suay maaaaaaaaaaaaaak!


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