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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Karaoke Party ;)

On last Thursday, Jan 18th, I went to this Karaoke place called Baimairareong (Thai; ใบไม้ร่าเริง, Translation; cheerful leaf) with my friends from where I work part-time.

A little info about the place, just in case you are in Bangkok and feel like karaoke.. (By the way, it's not a bar, it's a restaurant & Karaoke.)
There are several branches of Baimairareong, one near Kasetsart University by Vibhawadi Hospital, one in Asoke area, Bangna, and probably a few more.

The one near Kaset U. opens daily from 5pm-1am.
Phone: 0-2561 – 5300 (In case you wanna make a reservation)

Price list;

Small Room (6-7 ppl) 200 Baht/hour
Medium Room (10-15 ppl) 1000-1200 Baht all night
Large Room (30 ppl) 2500 Baht
It is recommended that you book ahead on Fri-Sat nights.
Mixers: 25 Baht and if you bring your own alcohol, it's 200 Baht fee per bottle.

Photos from www.manager.co.th

Since some of my friends were still at work, Fame and I got there first. It was around 6pm, and I just started singing because so there were many songs I wanted to sing, and I'd have less chance of picking the songs when everyone arrived :P

Hmm..which song shall I sing...

I started with mostly English songs, unfortunately, there weren't as many English songs as Thai ones..but it was still ok, I dug up some old songs like, "Saving All My Love For You", "Take Me Home Country Road", stuff like that, haha.

Soon after, Beer arrived around 7 and we started to get it going. He's really damn good at singing. He's gay, by the way, so he's a big fan of Mariah, Whitney, etc. He could sing all Mariah's songs so well, not just his voice, but his moves also!! Just like a Diva!

Me, Fame, and Beer the Diva!
Here's a clip of us singing "Crazy" by Britney Spears...

Then the rest of us, P'Whyte, May, and Jareuk came after they finished work. We ordered sooooo much food. The food there was AWESOME!!! VERY VERY DELICIOUS!!

Beer the Diva, Jareuk, Fame, May, and P'Whyte

The song list they had was pretty good. Unfortunately, not enough Britney's, Mariah's, and Whitney's, but it's still pretty good :) Many Thai songs and a lot of Chinese ones also (too bad, none of us could sing Chinese songs, hehe.

P'Whyte picking a song ;)

Let's POSE!!

Singing some Hip-Hop stuff with Jareuk, my sis (yeah, my sister :P)

Beer the Diva, Fame, and Jareuk :)

A lot of singing tonight!!

Jareuk, doing a rap solo :P

My good friends from work, they really make it difficult for me to quit the job!

Call Center girls with the headsets! hehe..(yeah..all girls)

Too bad, another friend, Pakorn, couldn't come until 11 something because he got off work at 11pm. He's like a diva also!! (yes, he's gay.) So at the end, I made Pakorn and Beer did some duet diva stuff, hehe.
Clips from the Party..the Divas! First one is "Hero" by Mariah Carey, another is "When You Believe" by Mariah and Whitney..

So yeah, it was a hell lot of fun that night! And guess what? 6 hours of karaoke was not enough for us!!! There were so many songs that we wanted to sing, but we ran out of time!!! We are definitely gonna do it again :)

Sorry if the clips are quite dark..but you could still hear the sound, right!? :)
*Kisses to my readers*


At 11:39 PM, Blogger ~~whytee~~ said...

i'll join the next time for sure! by the way the noodle time was pretty cool, should have that as well.


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