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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Thai Monks These Days...

It's just a quick rant about Thai monks I've encountered recently. By the way, I'm a Buddhist, although not a big religious hardcore one, but I'm sure I know the concepts of Buddhism...and I'm happy the way I am.

So yeah, I don't know if many people have been realzing it lately about how degraded Thai monks (or Buddhism in Thailand) are these days. This is not an excuse for me to not go making merits or donation to the temples (even though, actually, I'd rather donate my money or other things to those who need, like orphans, poor people, etc.)

A photo of Thai monks in general...

It's been going on for quite a long time now as we can see in the news (probably just Thai news) about monks committing crimes, such as rapes, robbery, dog fucking..if you include that as a crime also. Also, whenever I go to Pantip Plaza(big IT mall), I always find monks there.
Just in case if you guys are not buddhists; Monks are supposed to detached from materialistic world and devote themselves to Dharmma or something like that. I don't know much about the details but the main concepts are like, monks live at the temple, detached from materialism, practise dharma, pray, being a role model of good buddhists for people, blah blah blah...maybe trying to reach nirvana but that's almost impossible and too idealistic.

Anyway, what I see these days are monks hanging around at the malls, buying computer games, pornos, and shit. WTF??! That's not what they are supposed to do! I mean, I would reluctantly accept the point that monks come to get computer so they can apply new technology to teaching dharma or something. But...pornos??!!! there's no explanation needed, is there?

Monks praying...a usual Buddhist ceremony...

Let's see what else, this is what really happening, sorry that I don't have a proof like photos or whatever..but it's my experience. An aquaintance of mine at my university, he had to do the monk thing for a short period of time due to the Buddhist tradition that guys at the age of 20(or 21, something like that) should enter the monkhood, so their parents can go to heaven and stuff. Anyway, his mom made him do it, so yeah..it's not his own will..but can't you just suck it up though, if that's what your mom wants? Well, he kinda did but not so well, I mean, he entered the monkhood, being monk for awhile..but playing computer games, talking to chicks on the phone while we was doing it. And I think that's just so wrong.

Not like I haven't done such things, I did stay at the temple before for a week, practising dharma for my level (women can't be monks here btw, not this sect of Buddhism), living with no cellphones, getting up at 4am to do the pray thing, reading dharmma books, etc. It wasn't bad at all, I found myself calmer in a lot of ways..but once you come back to the real world...you kinda turn back to who you were before, though, hehe.

...People give food to the monks..

So where was I, oh yeah, there are news that monks use MSN, chat with girls, then lure them to come to the temple and fuck the girls. Well, I wouldn't just blame it on monks only, those girls are wrong also, I mean, if once I found out the guy I was chatting with was a monk, I'd be so repulsed. Besides, isn't it a big turn-off, shagging monks?!! Oh lord...

Sorry for such a long rant, I didn't expect to go on this long, but my real point of the story is that on Sunday 14th, I just went to my grandpa's funeral. It's a 100th day anniversary of his death (another Buddhist thing, sorry if I don't know what it's called properly.) We made an appointment with the head of the monks at the temple (which he forgot, by the way, so unorganized this temple, my aunt offered him a whiteboard so he could write down appointments and he just got pissed off saying that she insulted him, thinking he's too old, blah blah..ridiculous)

Anyway, we were there, setting up the food for monks. The ceremony was quite simple, the monks and us prayed, then we gave monks the food(and it was really nice food, what a good life being a monk these days), waited till they are done eating, then desert, then prayed some more, and it's done. Then we could eat, not necessarily the monks' leftover, we prepared extra food for ourselves. Even though some people think it's good to eat the monks' leftover, but I disagree with that. Monks are still human, especially these days, many of them are not good monks, I just find it disgusting to eat their leftover.

Young monks playing gameboy...

Wait, where's my point? Ok, during the praying thing, we were like, listening to the prayer, right? (It's Pali language and I don't understand a word, I know..quite impractical, no wonder there are many superficial Buddhists these days, including me probably.) So, when we were all quiet, listening to the prayer, and suddenly..one monk's cellphone just went off.................WTF?!?

Yes the cellphone fucking rang, and he answered the phone in the middle of the pray while other monks were still praying. That was sooo not acceptable. Come on, it's already rude and inconsiderate to have your phone goes off during the meeting or in class. But this!! during the pray! a monk!! it's just wrong at many levels; why a monk needs a cellphone? shouldn't he live a quiet life in the temple? ok next, why can't he just turn it off while he's on duty? since being a monk these days is like a job that you make a living out of it already. Want me to go on???

Gosh, it just shows how screwed up it is in the society nowadays. So ironic, so hypocritical Thailand is. The government, the beaurocracy, the Buddhist society that people claim it plays a major part in Thai society..they are all hypocritical, impractical, and useless. Don't even get me started...

Sorry for such a long post. I really intended to keep it short, but I just got carried away :P

Please be noted that the pictures here are from google and they have nothing to do with bad monks that I mentioned above.


At 3:31 AM, Blogger JASON said...

hi. i was checking out your blog. its well written. i feel your fustration.i was surprised it seems the monks are very similar to the priets here in the u.s. it seems like every other week i see and priest molesting a kid on the news. sad but true. society,govt. etc. are f*cked up all over the world.
p.s. sorry about your grandpa's funeral. that monk had some nerve with the cellphone.

At 11:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello you , sawadee krap !!

we are so happy to follow your adventure but we saw that you stopped again to writing some posts about your life and visits !!

waiting for that



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