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Saturday, January 13, 2007

New Year Party@FCC

Ok, first of all, FCC is where I have been working part-time for over a year and a half. And this New Year party we had was just last night. Yea yea..it's 12th already, so what? it's not too late for a party, right?

Anyway, the party this year was "FCC Fantasia Party", we were supposed to come up with some costume for this fancy party. As a result, we just put on some dress that we don't normally wear on the daily basis..I know it's not cool, but the pay day is on 15th, so..who the hell is gonna pay for the costume? right?

So I just digged up my wardrobe and here it is... some Nana whore costume stuff happening!!

Anyway, our department, CSR (Customer Service Representative) was supposed to come up with some shows for the party. We had 2 shows prepared, my friends and I were gonna be the 3rd one, but due to the lack of time for rehearsal and the stage was quite small, we decided to call it off.

P'Nui & I

P'May, P'Sab, and P'Nok...looks like a groom and 2 brides!
I call them P' because they are older and also have worked longer than I have. They were pretty dressed up as if they were going to a wedding or something! It seemed like we were at a totally different party, didn't it?
With Nong Oil

P'Aum, getting ready for the show. She was gonna be singing. (I just found out that she sings really good!!)

P'May, May, Korn, Oil, P'Nui, and Jareuk
Since the first show from CSR was P'Aum singing and Aom playing guitar, the next show was an astonishing cross-dressing, kateoy cabaret like one performed by Beer and P'Kay. I really think it's Beer's idea because he's very very creative, plus his costume and make-up skills...he could pull off such a fantastic show like this. I think Beer and P'Kay got inspired by Beyoncé Knowles and the movie Dreamgirls

Beyoncé from Dreamgirls

Beer from FCC, hehe


On Stage!

Beer doing solo, some Mariah combined with Whitney stuff!!

After the performance

Big Mama and her girls! (Neung, P'Kay, Ploy, and P'Nok)

(By the way, Neung's dress reminds me of Air France flight attendant uniform by Christian Lacroix, don't you think?)

Air France Uniform (Ok, not exactly the same style..but at least same colors!)

Bee, P'Ying (quite scary red lips there!), and Neung

With Jareuk, Fame, May, and Beer

Jareuk, May, Beer, and Oil

With Miss Zimbabwe!! :P

Wooo~~~!!! Happy New Year!



At 12:37 AM, Blogger nicha said...

hey there!!! new year party was fun! :( except i had to work Wtf!! haha


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