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Friday, May 19, 2006

Internship in Sukhothai Part II

Yes..the rant still goes on...
This hospital isn’t accredited yet. The guaranteed waiting time for receiving medicine is 12 minutes (BNH hospital is 5). They don’t even turn the air-conditioner on all the time due to the saving energy policy! What about drug stability? Sukhothai is hot as hell, the room temp is probably 30-40 degree Celsius.

The PharmacyRoom

The work mentality of ppl here is also different. Since it’s a governmental one, they don’t care about customer service. The service is just slow and still not organized. Like the pharmacy room for example, the staffs here seem to not care much about hurrying to giving medicine to patients. One patient came to the counter to get medicine by giving her queue card then she had to wait to be called. Instead of getting her queue card and print the prescription and labels for the medicine, the pharmacist and pharmacy technician who were sitting right at the counter were just looking at one’s cell phone, talking how cute the screen she just downloaded and sharing the file to another’s cell phone! My friend and I were so amazed! It’s just like they had no guilty feeling and shame that they kept the patient standing there and waiting for them to finish their silly business which shouldn’t take place in the working area during working hour at all. Or do I have too much of the service mind?
Another example is they don’t restock the drug shelves that much. They just let them empty and restock when it’s time to get the drug for that patient who came to get the medicine. It might seem like a small little thing that u think it doesn’t matter. But in term of service time guarantee (which this hospital says it’s 12 minutes), I think this little small thing does matter. If u check the drug shelves and restock them regularly, u wouldn’t have to waste time going to the stockroom in the back then the patients don’t have to wait unnecessarily longer! I wish I’m in the HA (Hospital Accreditation) committee or someone in the admin authority, I would just tear this place apart!
The front of Khirimat Hospital

Another critical thing (which just made my friend cried today) is the food problem. There are only 2 food places for us to eat and one small shop in the hospital. It’s such a bitch to get food especially in the evening. And one of the food place is closing for a week, moreover, all the hospital staffs have lunch break at the same time..just imagine.
My friend, Kate, waiting for the damn food...
Since there is only one food place open today, so many people waiting for food including the patients, when we ordered there were still a table full of people that had not got their food yet. So we told the cook that we changed our mind and cancelled our orders. The old upcountry bitch was like, “what? You can’t wait?” I was like, “that’s right, I can’t wait” You know, that’s just one big difference thing about upcountry people and city people. The upcountry people are just slow and not even aware of the time value. Why? Becoz there aren’t as many things in their life to do as the city ones. The cook today was just cooking the food slowly, didn’t write down orders, chit-chatting and playing around with friends. It’s just like the word “hurry” does not exist in their vocabulary.
One more thing I just encountered the other day, my friend and I were sitting down at the table eating our food. There was this poor-looking-with-shitty-cloth middle-aged guy sitting at the next table. He just finished eating his food and guess what?! He spat right there on the floor to his left which was our table! Even though he spat to the ground but HELLO?? Spitting?? In the restaurant?? It’s even barbaric and uncivilized enough for Thai people (lots of Thai males, to be more precised) to spit on the streets (which u’ll see a lot wherever u r in Thailand if you pay attention to things around u as u walk) but at the restaurant where people sitting and eating?? OH GODDDD!
The popular vehicle around here
My friend’s calendar counting down to the last day.
One thing that cheered me up a lot is that I can borrow a bike from a pharmacist here and ride to town to find something to eat and just for having something to do, even though my ass got all sore from riding it, hehe.
There aren’t many stuff in town. There’s no 7-11 also, only a few minimarts that open until 9pm or something like that. People here told me that there aren’t many restaurants becoz the locals usually cook their own food.
The internet place that I go sometimes, 15 Baht/hour.
The Khirimat Town..reminds me of some Cambodian border towns or something.

Old-styled wooden police station.

This is the creepy house I found in town.

Well, if u guys are interested in trying some new experience, tougher than Survivor show..maybe u should come and stay here for awhile :)

Oh I forgot one thing, this is the only pleasant thing we found at the house…the KITTENS!!!

We found 4 kittens at the back of our house. The pharmacist who lives here told us that they have no owner. She is a cat person but she can’t officially take care of them. She just let them stay outside and gives them food.
The kittens are sooooooooooooooo cute, they cheer my friend up a lot becoz she loves cats very much. At least she won’t be too depressed from staying here.

This photo is taken from our room, the kittens like to hang around the window a lot:)

Kitten soup, our next meal..LOL


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