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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Penang Finale: Batu Ferringhi

Day 4: April 14, 2006
This is the last full day in Penang and we planned to go to the beach, Batu Ferringhi. We made 2 reservations at the hotels there, the Bayview Beach and Casuarina and they are both at the end of the beach.
We decided to go have a look at the Bayview first and what we found there was that there was a problem at the main entrance area, some pipes were leaking so they shut down the main entrance area and use the door on the side of the hotel instead!…then we took a look inside the hotel…crowded and busy as hell with kids running around and such. Not like I hate kids but it’s just too busy for us..we just wanted to relax at a beach, peacefully..if u know what I mean.
So we ended up with Casuarina, the cheaper hotel next to the Bayview Beach. It was 200RM a night which was quite cheap compared to the hotels in the area. The Casuarina is known for oldies becoz the hotel is old-styled ..and …old. Even though it looks old and all but the place was clean and staffs were very nice!! So I had no problem staying there for a night..if more than that..i might, hehe

A view from the hotel room.

By the way, all the rooms here have a sea view which I think it makes sense. Who wouldn’t want a sea view if they come to the beach? Too bad the Ferringhi beach has many jellyfish so it’s not good for swimming.

I understand now why old people like staying at this hotel..it’s just quiet and peaceful, although, I saw some kids there but there weren’t too many.

One thing I don’t like about this hotel is that it’s old. The air-con there was just a total bitch. Some weird ass, never before seen stuff. You have to turn the control knob clockwise to turn it on..they said u can adjust the temp but I don’t think so. Because we had some problem dealing with it so we called downstairs and had them looked. They told us that it’s central air..which to me, it means, “It’s either gonna be too hot or too cold.”

I forgot to take the photos of the room..so u probably don’t get the pictures, hehe.

Some garden view :)

See?, good thing about all sea-view rooms, everyone gets to see the sunset! (If it matters..)

Sunset at Batu Ferringhi.

After some swimming, some falling asleep at the beach, and unintentional sunbathing, we went to explore the night market. It was quite a walk from the end of the beach to the beginning..but u wouldn’t notice because there were so many shops along the way. I’m sorry again, forgot to take photos :(

I got some souvenirs and then we had Indian food. It was GREAT, one of the best there I think. If I'm not mistaken, the restaurant was called "Jewel of the North". Too bad it was so much that we couldn’t eat them all. The chicken masala was awesome. The Tandoori chicken was fine..i was too full to appreciate it :(

Chicken Masala (There’s supposed to be seasoned rice, too, but I already ate it)

Tandoori Chicken

We took a trishaw back to the hotel, it was kinda fun :)

A trishaw..

So there goes my last day in Penang…pretty memorable, I wouldn’t mind to come back here again but probably will stay at a different hotel, though..i just like to experiment things :)

The casuarina at night.

Day 5: April 15, 2006 (Back to Bkk)

We left the hotel at 8am (ohh I missed the free breakfast buffet *sniff*) and got to the airport around 9am. We made an arrangement with the hotel for the transportion, it was 50RM and we got a nice van! It was 35RM from the airport to Georgetown and it was more than 15RM from Georgetown to Batu Ferringhi so I think it wasn’t a bad deal at all.

The flight back to Bangkok with AirAsia was 10.25am. The line at the check-in counter was very long unlike other airlines…I guess that’s how it always is, the ghetto cheap-ass airline usually has more people becoz more people can afford it…including me, hehe.
So this trip is fantastic and memorable to me, only one thing..I got a cold on the last day..that is just not the kind of souvenir I want!


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